Crack, Pop & Click!

Cracking, popping and clicking in the knee for some people can be a common occurrence. When you experience these noises, it is often reported that there is no associated pain or a loss of function or movement to the knee.

North Beat South In Golf Challenge

Jack Newton Junior Golf (JNJG), in partnership with the Regional Academies of Sport, were able to secure funding from the Office of Sport as a part of the Pathways Initiative Program to assist with the cost of delivering a joint pathways pilot project to be known as the North vs South Cup.

AFL Boys Take On The South West

The Academy’s AFL Boys squad are reaching the conclusion of their program with the Western Sydney Academy of Sport. Through collaboration with AFL NSW/ACT, the Academy has been able to provide the young athletes with a range of technical and educational development sessions.

How You Can Nominate For The Heartland Motors Lone Star Program in 2018

Heartland Motor Group announced their support for another 12 months as the official partner of the Lone Star program in Western Sydney. The program is designed to support talented young athletes in the region who are not eligible to nominate for one of the existing squad-based Academy programs. The Lone Star program was a giant success in 2017, supporting seven very talented young athletes as they progress on their sporting journeys.