Thank You Fairfield

On Tuesday 24th May 2016, Fairfield City Council invited the Academy’s staff and local athletes to attend their council meeting. Fairfield City Mayor, Mr. Frank Carbone, spoke of the importance of the Academy in providing young athletes with development opportunities within the elite pathways of the sports on offer.

Do Something! Day

ClubsNSW in partnership with News Corp, the Daily & Sunday Telegraph and News Local have launched a campaign titled “Do Something! Day”. This campaign is designed to encourage and showcase the good things that people do for others. The campaign will run until its official day of celebrations on the 15th June 2016.

Rachel Wood – Academy Water Star

Rachel Wood is one of the Academy’s bright, new stars. As a member of the Academy’s Auburn Lone Star Program, Rachel competes as a Swimmer and Surf Life Saver. Rachel has been working incredibly hard this year in numerous competitions and has achieved some wonderful results.