How You Can Nominate For The Heartland Motors Lone Star Program in 2018

Heartland Motor Group announced their support for another 12 months as the official partner of the Lone Star program in Western Sydney. The program is designed to support talented young athletes in the region who are not eligible to nominate for one of the existing squad-based Academy programs. The Lone Star program was a giant success in 2017, supporting seven very talented young athletes as they progress on their sporting journeys.

Warm Up Well

Warming up before any physical activity is something we all know we “should’ be doing but is often poorly done or neglected. Personally, I have played in rugby teams where the warm up is considered a 60 second run up and down the field with a 5 minute stretch afterwards. I’ve played in oz tag teams where we warm up by throwing a ball in a circle before a game, or the actual first 5 minutes of the game itself!

Softballers Will Put On The Green & Gold

Last week Softball Australia announced their 2018 Australian U19 Boys’ Squad, which included one current and two former Academy athletes. Alex Gutteridge, Hayden Shaw and Chris Rutherford will make their way to Ormiston in Queensland this July to compete in the 2018 International Friendship series training camp and competition. 

Considerations for the Female Athlete

The female athlete triad is a disorder most common in adolescent female athletes. Although it is not exclusive to females or adolescents, this group is the most at risk. The triad is a potentially serious condition that will result in reduced athletic performance, as well as serious health concerns that may affect your health long after adolescence.