The Western Sydney Academy of Sport implements quality development¬†programs for western Sydney’s talented young athletes across a number of sports.

The Heartland Motors Lone Star program is available to athletes who are not eligible to nominate for a current Academy squad-based program. The program will aim to prepare talented young athletes for progression to higher levels of individual performance and achievement – specifically State and National representation.

Successful nominees will be provided with a 12 month scholarship, comprising of combined induction and education workshops, personal development opportunities as well as technical support where feasible. Each successful athlete will be required to pay a subsidised athlete levy of $180 to contribute to the cost of the program.

To be eligible for the Heartland Motors Lone Star Program, athletes must be:

  • Aged between 13 and 18 for the majority of the scholarship year;
  • Not eligible to apply for an Academy squad based scholarship during 2018;
  • Committed to progressing to higher representation within their respective sport;
  • A financial member of a local Club/Association affiliated with their sport;
  • Currently residing within the Local Government Areas of Blacktown, Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, The Hills, Fairfield, Parramatta or Penrith.


There are no costs associated with submitting a nomination form however an athlete levy of $180 is payable by all athletes who are accepted into the Academy program.

Nominations for the Heartland Motors Lone Star program are currently closed. The nomination form will be available on this page during the nomination period. Announcements will be made on the Academy’s Facebook & Instagram pages once nominations have re-opened.