AFL Girls’ Program Launching In 2018

The Academy is excited to announce the launch of the AFL girls’ talented athlete development program in 2018. The program will be for girls aged 14-16 years who reside in the Academy’s catchment. The program will have a strong focus on technical skills development but will also provide a holistic framework for the development of the young athletes.

BCA National Named Official Vocational Education Parter

It is exciting times for the Western Sydney Academy of Sport as they welcome their Official Vocational Education Partner BCA National.
As a highly regarded registered training organisation and consulting company, BCA National offer quality vocational education in a number of areas. Of particular interest to the Academy is BCA National’s focus on providing educational opportunities for aspiring, current and former athletes – through participation in their Sport Development Diploma that is being rolled out in western Sydney.

Inaugural Basketball Program Takes Flight

Basketball NSW is the principal program partner in the inaugural Western Sydney Academy of Sport’s basketball program. Both the Academy and Basketball NSW have worked collaboratively to develop and implement the 2017/18 program. The program is designed to replicate Basketball NSW’s Developing Athlete Program (DAP) with the added value of education components.

Here Comes Gadd

Josh Gadd is not your typical year 12 student studying for his HSC. On top of the stress of upcoming exams, Josh puts a lot of hours into training and practicing his golf! Training that has paid off once again.

To Strap or Not to Strap?

Sports strapping (or taping) is extremely common in the sporting world and the everyday clinic. Very rarely will you attend a sports match and not see someone running around with one part or another strapped up. In fact, most competitive sports teams allocate time before each training session and game purely to allow their athletes to be strapped!