The 2019 NSW U14 Softball State Championships were held last weekend at Kelso Park Panania.

Six Academy athletes competed for the Cumberland Nepean Softball Association girls team – Olivia Bedwell, Angelique Iredale, Jayda Lorigan, Brooke Thomas, Bailee Unitt, who are all in the WSAS softball team and Rachel Bardney one of our Heartland Motors Lone Star athletes.

The team were undefeated and victorious for the 2nd consecutive year and each game was won convincingly with the following scores-

12 – 0 NSSA
30 – 0 SDSA
16 – 3 PCSA
27 – 1 WWSA
10 – 0 MWSA
7 – 0 MSA 🏆

Combined, the team had 102 runs for and only 4 runs against!

A special mention to Angelique who was awarded MVP for the team!

Congratulations girls, keep up the great work!