Academy Welcomes 2018 Athletes

On 21 October the 2017/18 athletes gathered at Western Sydney University’s Kingswood Campus for the annual Athlete Induction Day. New and returning athletes gathered in the morning ready for a day full of information, preparation and learning. The day kicked off with an introduction to the Academy by WSAS CEO Martin Bullock, starting the day, or more importantly their Academy journey with some valuable advice “take every opportunity with both hands” as “you only get out what you put in”. These are words that great athletes like Jessica Fox and Paige Hadley applied to their own journeys as they made their way through the Academy and on to next level representation, now competing at the pinnacle level of their sports.

Sydney West Sports Medicine’s Physiotherapist, Nadine George was next up to give the athletes valuable knowledge on the importance of injury prevention & management and the best way to address these issues, encouraging the athletes to be “proactive, not reactive”.

Athletes then got the opportunity to meet their coaching staff as they all engaged in individual squad lectures on what will be expected of them as an Academy athlete and what their specific programs will entail. Squads in attendance were cycling, golf, netball, softball, basketball, canoe and our lone star athletes.

The Australian Institute of Sport traveled up from their institute in Canberra to explain to the athletes the importance and relevance of utilising their world class MyAISBasecamp program. This program is offered by select invitation from the AIS and is an interactive application that allows athletes to perfect their technique on a range of different body movements and skills, with direct feedback from leading professionals.

Finally, the athletes were given an insightful workshop session on time management from Personal Excellence Consultant, Gabby Ripoll. Time management is a pertinent issue for these young athletes as they try and balance school (the HSC for some), a social life, family, work in some cases and their heavy training schedules.

The athlete programs kicked off with an introduction to the Academy and three valuble education sessions. As the programs progress over the coming months and into the new year athletes will engage in technical training sessions, more educational seminars, athlete screening and testing at Sydney West Sports Medicine, various Academy events including council receptions, awards nights and more.

The Academy welcomes all incoming athletes, both new and returning, for what we know will be another successful program year.


Posted: 23 October 2017