Year 10 student Liam McRae, a scholarship holder with the Western Sydney Academy of Sport (WSAS) and a member of the Academy’s  Athlete Leadership Group, is personifying the Academy’s holistic approach to athlete development. Recently, Liam began his work experience with Sydney West Sports Medicine at the Blacktown Exercise Sports and Technology Hub (BEST), reflecting his interest in sports physiotherapy.

After completing his athlete testing with Sydney West Sports Medicine, Liam contacted the hub, expressing his enthusiasm for sports physiotherapy. His passion and initiative earned him this valuable opportunity. “I loved every minute of it.” Liam said about his first day.

The Academy is dedicated to providing quality development programs for talented young athletes in western Sydney, collaborating with recognised State Sporting Organizations (SSO). The Academy integrates technical and skill development, educational resources, and personal growth activities, delivering a comprehensive program at some of the region’s best venues.

Liam, an accomplished softball player, exemplifies the Academy’s success in nurturing well-rounded individuals. His leadership role and proactive approach to gaining work experience highlight the diverse opportunities within WSAS.