Accredited Exercise Physiologist – Who are you?

Written by Erin Keating (Exercise Physiologist)


Simply put, an accredited exercise physiologist (AEP) is a university qualified allied health professional who specialises in exercise prescription for improved health outcomes.

With a minimum four (4) years of university study, AEP’s have the knowledge and skills to design, deliver and evaluate appropriate exercise interventions for a range of medical conditions and injuries. This includes acute, sub-acute or chronic medical conditions, disabilities, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation and performance improvements. This also covers a range of pathologies such as: cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological, musculoskeletal, cancer, respiratory, mental health and any other condition where exercise can improve health. In addition to improving general health, an AEP had the knowledge and skills to apply exercise interventions to prevent injuries, improve fitness and enhance performance for athletic populations.

So when would you seek treatment from an Exercise Physiologist or when would you refer?

An exercise physiologist cannot diagnose an injury or provide passive treatment such as; massage, dry needling, cupping, or joint manipulations. Our role is to provide active based treatment through the form of exercise prescription and education for long term management of your condition or injury. Exercise physiologists provide a holistic approach to treatment addressing not only how you move but assisting with lifestyle and behaviour changes to optimise your health and well being.

Exercise physiologists can work in conjunction with your physiotherapist or chiropractor by providing a graded exercise program to begin your transition into more functional movement. Once your “hands on” treatment begins to reduce and is no longer the focus of your rehabilitation, your physiotherapist or chiropractor may refer you on to an AEP. Here the exercise physiologist will continue to manage your injury through graded exercise programming whilst providing you with the tools to manage your injury long term to ensure a durable return to your work, sport or lifestyle.

At Sydney West Sports Medicine there are a range of facilities and state of the art equipment which enables the awesome team of AEP’s to provide a number of treatment options to suit your needs. Whether its pool based hydrotherapy treatment, AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill sessions, gym based or clinic based strength and conditioning programs, they can assess your needs and prescribe the best treatment option for you and your body.

To enquire or make a booking with one of Sydney West Sports Medicine’s accredited exercise physiologists call the centre on (02) 9851 5959.


Posted: 15 February 2018