BCA National Named Official Vocational Education Partner

It is exciting times for the Western Sydney Academy of Sport as they welcome their Official Vocational Education Partner BCA National.

As a highly regarded registered training organisation and consulting company, BCA National offer quality vocational education in a number of areas. Of particular interest to the Academy is BCA National’s focus on providing educational opportunities for aspiring, current and former athletes – through participation in their Sport Development Diploma that is being rolled out in western Sydney.

BCA National is committed to the idea that knowledge creates a future for individuals, communities and organisations, giving people the skills, knowledge and confidence to compete in the international job market.

As the Academy provides education opportunities to pre-elite athletes as a component of a holistic program that creates not only better athletes, but better people, Academy CEO Martin Bullock believes there are some strong synergies in the partnership between BCA National and the Academy.

“BCA National Training Group is a leader in education and their Academy of Sport initiative – focusing on students from across the western Sydney region – is a natural connection with our Academy” he said.

BCA National’s Chairman Bruce Callaghan said “Vocational Education in Australia has always linked closely to employers and industry organisations…BCA’s partnership with WSAS was a good example of the way sporting groups community organisations and business can work with educators to develop industry skills for the future. The WSAS partnership means that young people who are affiliated with the Academy can take a course that will equip them to work in the sport and recreation industry. Because the link directly with universities, students can develop course credits with Universities while studying in an environment that they enjoy.”

The new partnership will provide both financial and in-kind support for the Academy from BCA National, while the Academy will collaborate with BCA National to ensure its athletes receive important vocational training opportunities through BCA National.


Posted: 26 October 2017