Elisabeth Kidane The Gymnast

The Academy has begun welcoming athletes into the 2017 Heartland Motors Lone Star Program. Athletes in this program are competing in a sport that is not currently offered at the Academy. This program will assist with technical development where appropriate, education sessions on a variety of relevant topics as well as numerous personal development opportunities.

The first athlete we would like to introduce is Elisabeth Kidane, a gymnast from Westfields Sports High School. Elisabeth began practicing gymnastics in 2009 at the age of six. Elisabeth currently trains at Sydney West Gymsports and is entering her first year with the Academy. Elisabeth is excited to be accepted into the program explaining “I see the Academy opening up more opportunities for me, helping me grow as an athlete as well as a person”. 

Elisabeth recently placed 5th at the 2016 Suzuki World Championships, walking out onto the floor at this event in Japan has been Elisabeth’s most memorable sporting experience to date.

She tells of her sporting hero Riri Kitazume from Japan and how she is inspired by her ability to overcome age barriers as well as her dedication and hard work to the sport. Patsy Tatian, Elisabeth’s coach is also a major influence on her, pushing her to be the best athlete that she can be.

When the Academy asked Elisabeth for the best advice she has received she told us that “A moment of pain is worth a life time of glory”. 


Posted: 24 May 2017