Gold Medals on a World Stage

As a member of the Academy’s Auburn Lone Star program, Rachel Wood (Swimmer & Surf Life Saver) has had a year filled with incredible success. Rachel has competed in numerous tournaments throughout the year, winning an impressive array of medals. However none of these compare to her most recent achievements on a world stage.

Rachel recently travelled over to the Netherlands to compete in the Youth Surf Life Saving World Championships where she once again proved her firm ability in the surf. Rachel won Gold in the Surf Race, Rescue Tube Rescue (competing as the swimmer) and in the Board Rescue. Rachel then made her way to the pool where she won Silver in the 200m Obstacle Race, Silver in the 100m Rescue Medley and Silver in the Obstacle Relay. On the last day of competition Rachel competed in two team events finishing 3rd in the Manikan Carry Relay and another Gold in the Medley Relay.

Rachel’s Youth Team finished 1st overall for the Championships with some impressive results. The Academy would like to congratulate Rachel on her performance at such a high level of representation.

The Auburn Lone Star program launched in 2015 and has proven to be a great success in allowing athletes that excel in non-mainstream sports the ability to partake in the opportunities that the Academy offers young, talented athletes such as Rachel.


Posted: 14 September 2016