Hapkido Welcomed Into New Program

Martial Arts athlete Zachary Chambers has been welcomed into the new Heartland Motors Lone Star program for his exception abilities in the Hapkido arena.  Zachary has been participating and competing in Hapkido tournaments since 2010. His most recent career highlights include winning the Australian Title in clash sparring last November. Following on from this was a clean up at the State Titles in Canberra where he placed second for clash sparring and third for both point sparring and sumo.

When we asked Zach who he most admired he talked about Kevin Laing a two time world champion and 13 time Australian champion, Kevin is also Zach’s coach. The Academy is exciting for Zach as he gets ready to “learn different things about training from other head coaches and meet other talented athletes”. 

Zach tells of how his parents have always supported him in what he does and made sure he was alright. The best piece of advice Zach had to offer was from his dad “don’t ever think you’re the best, there is always someone bigger & better so train hard and do your best”. 


Posted: 15 June 2017