Joshua Brodie Impresses In Round 2 of NJTS

Round 2 of the National Junior Track Series travelled to DISC velodrome in Melbourne over the weekend of November 14 & 15. The WSAS team was well represented with a full contingent of 6 riders competing:

U17 Men:
Nathan CRAIG
Stephen CUFF

U17 Women:

U15 Men

In addition Malachai Covington, new to the WSAS squad for 2015/2016 also competed as part of his cycling club team Parramatta.

The weekend had a full programme of both sprint and endurance events with over 12 hours of racing across the 2 days.

In the U17 Men there were in excess of 90 riders competing making competition extremely tough. In sprint event heats only 1 rider was able to progress to finals, while in the endurance events 6 riders from heats of 20 riders were able to progress to the finals.

Stephen Cuff performed extremely well on Day 1, wins in the Venue Blaster and Derby heats saw him progress to the finals with a 3rd and 8th finish respectively. Stephen also made it through the very fast and competitive Elimination heats to progress to the Elimination and Win & Out finals where he gained a 5th and 6th finish. Day 2 saw him grab a 3rd place in the Keirin heats. The points Race final, with top 24 ranked riders competing, yielded him a 9th place in a fast and furious race where only 12 riders finish. Stephen also progressed to the Elimination final after a crash-marred heat where 4 different riders went down and produced a great ride in the final to finish 5th.

The ‘fun’ event of the meet was the Aussie Crawl, where riders have to complete a sprint lap on the whistle, after having to show great skills in balancing on their bikes on the banked track for more than a minute, many of the 24 starters do not make it to the sprint lap as they cannot hold the ‘track stand’ for the required time. Stephen finished 4th in this race.

Nathan Craig also rode very well, especially in the endurance races. Nathan and Stephen drew the same heats in the Venue Blaster and Derby, Nathan finishing 4th & 3rd. Nathan made it through to the Elimination and Win & Out finals after fiercely contested heats gaining a 5th in the Win & Out final. Another strong performance on Day 2 with Nathan coming across the line for a 3rd place in the Keirin heats, Nathan also made the Points race final where he held on until 1 lap to go, effectively finishing 13th in the race. Nathan also progressed to the Elimination final and gained a 3rd place finish in the Aussie Crawl final.

Timothy Spackman put in a great effort across both days.  Tim fought hard in all events, though as a first year competing against much bigger, stronger and older boys, it was a tough ask to make the finals. He rode strongly in the sprint event heats, mixing it up with two of the Nation’s top sprinters in his Derby & Venue Blaster heats, finishing with a 5th place. Tim put in a great effort in his Keirin heat coming across the line 4th in a blanket finish.

In the endurance events Tim performed strongly with a 12th place in the Scratch race final, and a 12th in his Elimination heat on Day 2.

There was also some strong racing in the U17 Women with Hannah Sandison and Emily Yeaman making up the WSAS contingent.

Hannah Sandison represented well with a 9th in her Venue Blaster heat and a 10th in the Derby, riding against some very experienced riders. Hannah competed strongly in the endurance events and was a little unlucky to get caught out early in Day 1 elimination and then showed great fortitude on Day 2 where she was caught in a fall during her heat.  Despite this, she got back on the bike and rode well to narrowly miss the final.

Hannah progressed to the Points Race final as she is ranked in the top 24 and finished 8th in a great ride.

In the fast Keirin heats Hannah finished 8th.

Emily Yeaman kicked off her NJTS campaign with some great racing performances.

She finished 10th in her Venue Blaster heat and a 6th in the Derby against a strong field. Emily just missed the cut for the Elimination finals on both days with a 12th on day 1 and, like Hannah, she also was involved in a fall but after some quick repairs to the bike she re-joined the race and rode very strongly.

She achieved great 3rd place result in the Win & Out B final as well as a 7th in her Keirin heat.

Emily will be looking forward to round 3 in Launceston where she can build on her point score.

In the U15 Men, Joshua Brodie rode as part of the WSAS team and new team member Malachai Covington competed wearing his club colours as teams can only have a maximum of 6 riders.

Joshua Brodie put on a great show and made finals in ALL events across sprint and endurance disciplines. Joshua must be commended on his tenacity as making all finals meant he had a very heavy race programme and his efforts were always 100%. His results speak for themselves:

Venue Blaster Final – 4th
Derby Final – 3rd
Elimination Final Day 1- 4th
Win & Out Final – 2nd
Points Race Final – 5th
Elimination Final (Day 2) – 3rd
Aussie Crawl – 1st
Keirin final – 4th
He topped off these results in the last event of the day with a great 2nd place in the Sprint final.

Malachai Covington also rode at the highest level and made most of the finals across both sprint and endurance events. Malachai is improving every round and is moving up the rankings quickly. Like Josh, his results speak for themselves:
Venue Blaster Final – 5th
Derby Heat – 4th
Win & Out Final – 7th
Points Race Final – 7th
Elimination Final (Day 2) – 9th
Cyclone Sprint – 5th
Keirin Final – 5th
Sprint Final – 6th

Final rankings after Round 2:

U17M out of 105 riders
Stephen CUFF:  5th
Nathan CRAIG:  20th
Tim SPACKMAN: = 53rd

U17W out of 45 riders
Hannah SANDISON: 15th
Emily YEAMAN: = 33rd

U15M out of 48 riders
Joshua BRODIE: 4th
Malachai COVINGTON: 13th

Team Ranking

The WSAS team is currently ranked 6th out of 37 teams.

The team will head to Launceston for Round 3 on the 4th & 5th of December.

Posted: 18th November 2015