Academy athletes who achieve specific standards of excellence and performance in their chosen sport are eligible for the Woolworths Athlete Scholarships. Woolworths is a strong supporter of young people and community sports participation and wishes to provide financial assistance to the Academy’s outstanding young achievers in order to assist them in meeting the financial burdens associated with their progression to the elite levels of their chosen sport.

Athletes who have participated in Academy programs that have concluded in 2021 are entitled to apply for the Woolworths Scholarships. Cash grants of $5,000 are awarded on an annual basis to one male and one female Academy athlete. A cash grant of $1,000 will also be awarded to one Team Athlete of the Year.

The Scholarship will comprise of two components. The first will be a $4,000 Sports Participation Grant which is intended to provide financial assistance to the athlete/parents in respect of ongoing participation costs such as equipment, coaching etc. The second will be an additional amount of $1,000 as an Educational Grant which must be utilised to assist in the athlete’s ongoing secondary/tertiary education – this amount will be provided on an expense verified basis.

Nominations for the Woolworths Scholarship will open tomorrow and must be received by no later than close of business on Wednesday 18th August 2021. Nominations received after this date may not be considered by the Judging Panel.

Nominations should be submitted via the form located on the Academy’s website –