Athletes from the Western Sydney Academy of Sport had the pleasure of attending Penrith City Council hosted by Mayor Tricia Hitchen, General Manager Warwick Winn and Community Facilities and Recreation Manager Andrew Robinson.

Whilst a total of 27 athletes currently represent the Penrith LGA, 3 young, talented athletes Ethan Mackie (Triathlon), Jordan Micallef (Softball) and Isabella Degei (Netball) were selected as a representation of all athletes from the Academy.

The athletes flourished in the opportunity to meet with the Mayor, members of the council, and Academy Chairman Rod Glover (Director – Data Centre Operations at Digital Realty). They represented the Academy with the utmost respect and poise, discussing their achievements, commitments and goals.

Glover remarked, “The talent within these young WSAS athletes is quite inspirational. They have that glimmer in their eyes showing no barriers or fears in holding back their success in their chosen sports. As Chairman of the Board for WSAS, I am immensely proud of all our athletes and the continued support that Penrith and all our Local Councils provide in supporting our champions of the future.”

Academy Chief Executive Officer Martin Bullock remarked, “We are greatly appreciative of Penrith City Council’s tremendous support of our young athletes, and the representation of young Penrith sportspeople continues to reflect the high levels of talent across a range of sports.”