Sydney West Sports Medicine Facilitate Testing Day

Over 50 talented young athletes from the Western Sydney Academy of Sport gathered at Sydney West Sport Medicine’s (SWSM) state of the art facility in Rooty Hill for their Fitness Testing & Functional Movement Screening Day.

SWSM is the Official Health Partner of the Academy, providing the professional expertise in assessing the young athletes’ fundamental movement skills, and the visit involved athletes being put through their paces using a range of tests in the SWSM’s facility. These tests also highlight any imbalances or weaknesses that the athlete can be made aware of and address into the future.

The athlete screening also allows the SWSM professionals to offer expert advice to the Academy’s athletes concerning short and long-term movement goals for durability within their sport.

The Sydney West Sports Medicine support provides a basic education platform for the Academy’s athletes including knowledge and tools to improve their movement and performance, and gain a competitive edge over their peers.

Academy CEO Martin Bullock commented “the partnership we have with the most professional sports medicine practice in western Sydney not only highlights the benefits young athletes are provided with in our Academy programs, but also the strong focus SWSM has on assisting young athletes in their development phase within their chosen sports”.

A further 70 young athletes will also be put through their paces in two remaining rounds of testing which will take place in the next  few weeks.

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Posted: 21 November 2017