The Academy is excited to be partnering with digital infrastructure specialists Syndeticom, as a part of our Ambassador Program. Syndeticom came on board to support the Academy and one of our talented young cyclists Liam Goltman.

We had the opportunity to introduce Liam to Syndeticom senior management team at their Castle Hill offices, with Managing Director Linden Lumbewe, Commercial Director Jarrad Lumbewe and Key Account Executive Michael Caruso all in attendance.

The Syndeticom team are all avid cyclists and were very eager to hear about Liam’s achievements, his upcoming competitions and his goals for the future. To his credit, Liam was very comfortable as the centre of attention and conducted himself admirably.

Managing Director, Linden Lumbewe, commented “We were very excited when the Western Sydney Academy of Sport approached us about sponsoring one of their young athletes. Not only do many of our team members have a shared passion for cycling, but we also know how hard it is for young kids to get somewhere in professional sport, and we are thrilled to be able to support Liam with his goals and development.”

Academy CEO Martin Bullock, who also attended the meeting, commented “our Ambassador Program is intended to provide personal development opportunities for our athletes, and Liam has taken great benefit from his meeting with the Syndeticom team. We extend our sincere thanks to Linden and the team from Syndeticom for their support”.