As a part of the Academy’s development program, we provide educational sessions on a range of topics for our athletes. On 1 July we will bring together Softball, Canoe Slalom and Rowing for a Cyber Safety session.

Most recently, we held a session on Media and Public Speaking with both Digital Realty Netball and Heartland Motors Lone Star athletes in attendance. This was the first time we’ve held a media and public speaking specific session, which aimed at providing the athletes with information on the appropriate ways to interact with the media and how to use it to their advantage.

Back in May, we held a Bullying and Cyber Safety session for our Digital Realty Netball, Canoe Slalom and Rowing squads. This topic is an important part of our educational development program and has helped to inform our athletes about the advantages and pitfalls of social media and how to deal with situations such as online bullying.

Other educational sessions provided to our athletes include topics such as Drugs in Sport, Nutrition, Injury Prevention and Management and Sports Psychology.