Our Softball Squad were visited by the NSW O35s Mens Leadership Team, Captain Lee Williams and Head Coach Eliza O’Leary. This group provided valuable insights on how the current WSAS Squad can use this time at the Academy and how it can springboard them into further State/Australian representative honours and opportunities.

There is plenty of WSAS history among this team with Head Coach Eliza O’Leary being one of the inaugural WSAS Softball Coaches, Assistant Coach  Jack Rauhihi  one of the current WSAS Assistant Coaches, Captain Lee Williams was part of the inaugural WSAS Softball Squad – Boys team.

We are very grateful for the NSW O35s Mens State team, for taking time out of their very busy schedule as they get ready to represent NSW at the inaugural O35 Mens National Championships that start this Sunday 26th June up at Ipswich in QLD.

Get on board and cheer for the NSW O35s Mens State team, they are playing from 26-29 June 2022 at Ipswich, QLD.

GO NSW – we’ll be cheering loud & proud for you……..Blue Bloods !!!!

L-R – Eliza O’Leary, Demetrius Doney, Craig Malcolm, Lee Williams, James Darby and Jack Rauhihi.