The Academy’s Rugby League program provides a unique development opportunity for young players within the western Sydney region. In partnership with the Penrith and Parramatta District Rugby League Clubs, and the NSW Rugby League, the Academy fields teams in the prestigious NSWRL junior representative competitions for U/16s (Harold Matthews) and U/18s (SG Ball).

The program comprises a strong coaching and training staff structure supported by both NRL Clubs, and the Academy’s squads compete weekly against the traditional NRL Club junior representative squads over a 10 week period from February to May.

This program enables increased opportunities for local junior rugby league players to compete at the pre-elite level, as well as coach development opportunities. It also provides valuable assistance to local junior clubs through supporting their ability to retain local junior players.

The playing venue is the high quality St Marys League Club Stadium, and the training venue is St Dominic’s College, Kingswood.

All junior rugby league players within the Academy’s squads are allocated by the respective Penrith and Parramatta Clubs, following their own internal talent identification and selection trial processes.

All players allocated to the Academy must be registered with a junior rugby league club affiliated with either the Penrith or Parramatta Clubs.

Junior rugby league players will receive technical, educational and personal development opportunities as members of the Academy’s squads. Program activities will be conducted at high quality venues, and are coordinated by suitably accredited program staff utilising all relevant resources and equipment.

Players will have the opportunity to represent their respective District Clubs in the elite junior representative competition within NSW, with potential progression into further development programs conducted by these Clubs.

Players within the Academy squads will also be able to access the athlete and staff Sportslocker online communication system, as well as receive 25% discount on the purchase price for all 2XU compression clothing products, and a 20% discount for all treatment services at OnePointHealth.