The Academy’s primary goals are to :

  • Provide opportunities and encouragement for talented junior sports people to assist them to achieve excellence in sport;
  • Provide these athletes with access to specialist support services including coaching, educational and personal development curriculum;
  • Endeavour to develop athletes into outstanding sports citizens;
  • Promote the athletes’ combined Local Government Area as a region of sporting excellence;
  • Play an active role in the sports development system with NSW and Australia, and assist in promoting sport and coach development at the grassroots level.


The Academy presently seeks to achieve its primary objectives through the implementation of athlete development programs across a range of sports disciplines including:

  • BMX
  • Cycling
  • Golf
  • Lone Star
  • Digital Realty Netball
  • Netball Umpires
  • Rowing
  • Rugby Union
  • Softball
  • Triathlon


An integral component of the Academy’s strategic direction is growth, and the Academy continues to collaborate with relevant State Sporting Organisation to identify and plan development programs across a broader range of sports disciplines.

The key focal points – or strategic drivers – associated with the Academy’s operations can be identified as :

  • Athlete Servicing
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Governance & Integrity
  • Marketing/Communications


Strategies have been developed under each key result area that will enable the Academy to work towards achieving its overall objectives.

The Vision of the Western Sydney Academy of Sport revolves around the development of talented young sportspeople living in western Sydney. The Academy seeks to optimize the opportunities for these athletes to access effective programs which are constructed in collaboration with local, State and National sporting bodies.

The Academy’s Vision, therefore, is not an “internally focused” one defining where the Academy needs to be in five or ten years – it is a statement of what the Academy wishes to have achieved for the talented athletes of western Sydney within that time. This achievement would reflect the standard and effectiveness of the Academy’s programs through tangible and measurable outcomes.

The Academy’s Mission is to provide talented young western Sydney athletes with the skills and knowledge to assist them in fulfilling their potential – both in and outside of the sporting arena.