• Accredited Exercise Physiologist – Who are you?

    Simply put, an accredited exercise physiologist (AEP) is a university qualified allied health professional who specialises in exercise prescription for improved health outcomes. With a minimum four (4) years of university study, AEP’s have the knowledge and skills to design, deliver and evaluate appropriate exercise interventions for a range of medical conditions and injuries. This includes acute, sub-acute or chronic medical conditions, disabilities, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation and performance improvements.

  • Academy Netballer’s Unite

    Over the weekend the Illawarra Academy of Sport’s Netball Squad travelled up to Genea Netball Centre in Sydney Olympic Park, the home to the Western Sydney Academy of Sport’s Netball Program.

  • Dietary Gritty

    In this paleolithic world of answers and low-carb solutions, it is no surprise that we find ourselves jumping from one dietary practice to another. We take up arms for a cause with passion and zealotry, only to realise what we were promised isn’t what we’ve received… And that’s when we fall off the band wagon into the proverbial abyss of bingeing and Netflixing. 

  • 2018 Golf Camp Beat The Heat

    This years annual golf camp was met with record high temperatures and a very hot golf course. Academy golfers were not deterred by these odds and spent 22 & 23 January learning new skills and insights out at the Academy’s Official Golf Venue, Twin Creeks Golf and Country Club.

“Thank you so much for giving Mitchell the most incredible first season of ‘proper triathlon’. It has been an amazing season for him on so many levels. He has thoroughly enjoyed the coaching sessions. He has made some really lovely friends in the Academy squad (what an awesome group of children you selected!). His triathlon skills have improved immensely. He had one of the best weekends ever at the Academy Games. He has grown in confidence as an athlete.  He wears his Academy uniform with such pride. It has been a very successful season on so many levels. Thank you for giving him this opportunity and allowing him to make the most of it.” 

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