• Canoeist Takes Advantage Of European Summer

    Callan Grady from the Canoe Slalom squad has been escaping the Australian winter and jet setting across Europe to take advantage of the warmer months for training and competition.

  • How To Plan A Training YEAR

    When planning a training year for your athlete, sporting team or yourself, it is important to use periodisation. Although this is a very large topic to cover, the basics are discussed here.  

  • Woolworths Scholarships Highlight Top Athletes

    Once a year Academy athletes get the opportunity to apply for a scholarship that provides valuable financial assistance to help ease the burden associated with progression to the elite level within their sport. Thanks to Woolworths one male and one female high achieving athlete will each receive a $5,000 cash grant.

“Thank you so much for giving Mitchell the most incredible first season of ‘proper triathlon’. It has been an amazing season for him on so many levels. He has thoroughly enjoyed the coaching sessions. He has made some really lovely friends in the Academy squad (what an awesome group of children you selected!). His triathlon skills have improved immensely. He had one of the best weekends ever at the Academy Games. He has grown in confidence as an athlete.  He wears his Academy uniform with such pride. It has been a very successful season on so many levels. Thank you for giving him this opportunity and allowing him to make the most of it.” 

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