• Meet Our Academy Games Physiotherapists!

    Sydney West Sports Medicine will be supporting the Western Sydney squads for the upcoming 2018 Your Local Club Academy Games, sending two qualified physiotherapists to assist with the athletes’ recovery and injury management. Meet Matthew Hicks and Luke Anderson!

  • Stretching Tips From Sydney West Sports Medicine

    A stretch is the process of moving particular body parts into positions to lengthen the muscles and surrounding soft tissue. Stretching is most commonly used to help release tightness or for relief of stiff joints. Here are the three best types of stretching for young athletes, explained by exercise physiologist Cameron Hyde.

  • How You Can Nominate For The Heartland Motors Lone Star Program in 2018

    Heartland Motor Group announced their support for another 12 months as the official partner of the Lone Star program in Western Sydney. The program is designed to support talented young athletes in the region who are not eligible to nominate for one of the existing squad-based Academy programs. The Lone Star program was a giant success in 2017, supporting seven very talented young athletes as they progress on their sporting journeys.

  • Warm Up Well

    Warming up before any physical activity is something we all know we “should’ be doing but is often poorly done or neglected. Personally, I have played in rugby teams where the warm up is considered a 60 second run up and down the field with a 5 minute stretch afterwards. I’ve played in oz tag teams where we warm up by throwing a ball in a circle before a game, or the actual first 5 minutes of the game itself!

“Thank you so much for giving Mitchell the most incredible first season of ‘proper triathlon’. It has been an amazing season for him on so many levels. He has thoroughly enjoyed the coaching sessions. He has made some really lovely friends in the Academy squad (what an awesome group of children you selected!). His triathlon skills have improved immensely. He had one of the best weekends ever at the Academy Games. He has grown in confidence as an athlete.  He wears his Academy uniform with such pride. It has been a very successful season on so many levels. Thank you for giving him this opportunity and allowing him to make the most of it.” 

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